Mission Statement

Helping Business Thrive

The mission of the Rogersville  Chamber of Commerce is to advance the commercial, financial, and civic interests of the community through public relations, legislative activities, economic, community, and human resources development to further achieve community improvement.

Strategic Areas of Focus

To achieve the Chamber’s mission we focus our efforts in four strategic areas. These areas are:

Creating Growth

The stronger our businesses, the stronger the community!  Therefore, building and developing our Chamber membership, by building and developing Rogersville business​ is our primary focus.  We strive to keep the soil of business healthy and rich, in order to make Rogersville the very best place to work and live!  In order to do so, we believe partnering with our business owners, our city government, school district, and residents is essential to economic development!


Without innovation and improvement, we cannot thrive.  With this in mind, we are in perpetual motion of new and innovative ways to improve the visibility, function, and value of your membership to the Chamber. We want to partner with workforce, and management development!


Community Mindset

Annual membership dues and partnership with our members allows us to make a direct difference in the community!  Your membership dollars stay local.  In 2016 alone, we gave to programs that fed school children through the weekend; developed young leaders; helped with local improvement missions; a successful Toys for Tots drive; and honored a local, young hero!  You can feel good about trusting your money to do more collaboratively with other business owners,and local organizations than any of us could ever do on our own!


Communication with our members is a top priority and extremely important to our mission.  We strive to keep our members up to date on all activities, events, issues and concerns that face the business community.  We hope you take advantage of the information provided in our emails, and at the monthly Chamber meetings.  Please attend as many networking opportunities as possible to enhance the awareness of your business.